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Shacks and Leantos Greeley Irrigation ditch leading to town.
Early Greeley homes. This is 1870. Photo Credit The irrigation ditch leading to town. 1870. Photo Credit
James Orr's oxen  
The oxen team owned by James H. Orr. They laid out the town of Greeley. Photo from District 6 Greeley, Colorado - Birth of a City slideshow  
Aerial view in the 1870's Meeker Avenue
Aerial view of Greeley in the 1870's. Photo Credit Businesses along Meeker Avenue in the 1870's. Photo Credit
Businesses on Mapel Street now 7 Street. Baptist Church
Maple Street in the 1870's. This is now 7 Street downtown. Photo Credit First church built in Greeley. This is a Baptist church in the 1870's. Photo Credit
Beet Pile sugar beet factory
Beet Pile outside Great Western Beet Factory in the 1920's. Photo Credit Great Western sugarbeet factory before it was torn down.
Swift now JBS
Monfort Feedlots in the 1940's. Photo Credit This is the JBS Meat Packing Plant. This was first Monfort's next Con-Agra then Swift.
Greeley city hall porta-potties
This is the City Hall building downtown. Porta - Potties and some of the hand washing stations at Centennial Elementary during the "No Flush" time period after the South Platte Flood in September 2013. Dos Rios and Chappelow were also inside the "No Flush" zone.
deluxe porta-pottie sinks deluxe porta potties stall
The sinks in the Deluxe Porta-Potties at Centennial
Photo ©Eduardo Navidad
The stalls in the Deluxe Porta-Potties at Centennial
Photo ©Eduardo Navidad
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Updated on September 22, 2013