Dr. Ella Mead
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Dr. Ella Mead

Dr. Ella Mead grew up in Greeley.
She came to Greeley with her mom and dad when she was 4 years old. She told her family doctor that she wanted to go into medicine. Her school years were spent in Greeley until she graduated from Greeley High School.

Dr. Ella Mead

She went to college.
Her family was poor so she worked to earn the money to go to school. She graduated from the State Agricultural College first. She earned her medical degree from Denver and Gross Medical College in 1903.

She worked in Denver after her graduation.
She worked at the Women's Hospital and was proud that she never missed a day. She did the same the work as the male doctors. She would go out on the ambulance calls and not worry about the hour or location of the call.

Dr. Mead came back to Greeley.
Her office was in the Coronado Building (designed by Bessie Smith). She rode a bicycle on her visits until she got a car.

Dr. Mead had one of the first cars in Greeley.
She took care of the car herself. She would use tape and hairpins to fix it. In the winter she would use an iron to warm up her car.

She was in many medical groups.
She was the City Health officer, was on the American Red Cross Board during World War I, and began one of the first clinics for women in the 1930's.

Dr. Mead was the Greeley City Physician (Doctor).
People thought that women may be more comfortable talking to a woman doctor. She wanted to improve sanitation and the milk supply. She worked hard to be sure that the rules were followed to keep people healthy.

She was a pioneer in Women's Health care.
She was one of the first doctors to have women go to the hospital to give birth. She delivered her nephew at the Weld County Hospital. Before then, babies were born at home and in unsanitary (dirty) conditions.

Dr. Mead won awards.
She was honored by the Colorado Medical Society in 1947. After she retired in 1953, she was given the Medical Woman of the Year Award in 1958.

The Mead's Home Plaque at Meads' Home Display about Dr. Ella Mead at the Greeley History Museum
The Mead Family Home (They no longer live here.) Plaque in front of the Mead Family Home. Display about Dr. Ella Mead at the Greeley History Museum
Display about Dr. Ella Mead Greeley History Museum Beaded Capelet owned by Dr. Ella Mead coronado building coronado building
The display sign at the museum. Notice the picture of the Mead Home. This black beaded capelet was worn by Dr. Ella Mead The Coronado Building where Dr. Mead had her office. Her office was in the upper floors.
Below are images from an article that was sent out and printed in various newspapers about Dr. Mead. Click to see larger.
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These images are from Woman City Physician, The Bryan Democrat, December 7, 1905.
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