Ken Monfort
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Ken Monfort

Ken Monfort was born on November 22, 1928.
His parents were Warren and Edith Monfort, and he was born in Greeley. Both parents were teachers, but Warren liked farming better than teaching.

Ken Monfort and his family made important changes in the beef industry.
Ken Monfort took over Monfort Beef when his brother Lt. Richard Monfort was MIA (Missing In Action) during World War ll and presumed dead.

Ken was always active in the beef industry.
At the age of 11, Ken won the National Steer Championship in 1941. His father was Warren Monfort who along with WH Farr revolutionized (changed) the industry by developing feedlots. They used the sugar beet by-products for feed for the cattle. The feedlots helped make beef available year round instead of only in the fall when traditionally the cattle were rounded up to be slaughtered.

ken monfort

Ken first worked for his father.
Ken Monfort went to Colorado State University to get his degree in Agriculture. He then worked for Monfort Inc as an executive.

Ken took advantage of the new highway system near Greeley and moved the plant out to the country closer to the ranchers and feedlots yet close to getting the beef to market.

He also began to cut up the beef at the plant. Then the beef was shipped to the stores already cut up to be sold. Monfort Beef became popular with both grocers and restaurants.

In 1970, Ken Monfort became the CEO of the company.
The company did well under his leadership. Monfort Inc. was named Employer of the year in 1970.

Ken Monfort was active in the community.
Ken and his family also gave money to many causes to improve the quality of life in Greeley. Some of the areas that he supported were the Monfort Birth Center, UNC's Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business, the Union Colony Civic Center, and the Monfort Children's Clinic. To remember Lt. Richard Monfort and other veterans, the Monforts also contributed much of the cost for Greeley Veterans' Park located at Bittersweet Park.

Monfort was also active in politics. He held a seat in the Colorado General Assembly. In 1968, he ran for the Colorado Senate Seat but was defeated.

The National Western Stock Show named him as Citizen of the West in 1991 honoring him as "a pioneer in the livestock industry and community leader in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West."

Ken Monfort died at age 71.
On February 2, 2001, Ken Monfort died in Longboat Key, Florida. He retired to Florida with his wife Myra in 1995.

Ken Monfort left his mark on Greeley.
As you drive or walk around the city, there are reminders each day of Ken Monfort and his family and the legacy they have left on Greeley.

Even eating beef at a restaurant or buying meat at the grocery store is a reminder of the contributions to our daily lives by the Monfort Family.

Monfort Elementary was named for Ken Monfort's family
Both of his parents were teachers. Education was important to their family.

The business school at UNC is named for Ken Monfort.
In 2000, the Monfort Plaza was dedicated. It has benches for sitting and a statue of Ken Monfort.

monfort home sign monfort home
Monfort Family Home at Centennial Village Monfort Home
monfort home front monfort home full view
Front view of Monfort Home Monfort Home
monfort desk monfort brand
Monfort's desk Monfort brand for the cattle
Monfort Family Home plaque monfort truck model
Plaque The familiar Monfort truck
monfort office area gloves
Monfort office display Work gloves for working at Monforts

Feedlot (There isn't a larger photo) Work clothes for Monfort
Monfort Plaza Ken Monfort statue
Here is Monfort Plaza Here is the statue of Ken Monfort
plaque on statue Monfort Plaza plaque
Plaque on the statue Monfort Plaza plaque
Statue of Ken Monfort Looking down on Monfort Plaza
Ken Monfort statue on the plaza Looking down on the plaza
warren monfort About Ken Monfort
Warren Monfort, Ken's father About Ken Monfort
Ken Monfort with his prize steer Remodeled Monfort house
Kenny with his prize steer Remodeled Monfort House with white clapboard siding as it was when it was the family home
Go West Fence feedlot Fence Image
Marker for the Monfort section of the "Go West" fence project Feedlot image on the fence
Warren and Edith Monfort Warren and ken checking feed
Warren and Edith Monfort looking out of a window of their home Warren and Ken checking the feed
Ken on horseback  
Ken checking the cattle on horseback  
Ribbon cutting for the new additions to the "Go West" Fence and remodeled Monfort Home on July 20, 2013

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